What Are the Best Social Media Platforms for Businesses in 2022?

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For entrepreneurs, the pressure to use only the best social media apps to grow your business is real. And with social media trends changing every day, figuring out which app is best for your business is no easy task. 

Sure, every social media platform has unique features and tools, but let’s be honest: The 2022 trends are all pretty similar! You’ve probably seen these trending on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest:

  • Short-form video content
  • Live streaming
  • Highly-curated content that resonates with your audience
  • Cross-promotional collaborations ‘

But what’s best for your business? If you’re constantly weighing the benefits of Instagram vs. TikTok or wondering if you should hop on the latest social media trend (hi, Clubhouse!), you’re in the right place! Here’s a breakdown of the best social media platforms for business. 


Instagram is one of the top social media marketing platforms out there, with more than 200 million business accounts active on Instagram in 2022. Million. It’s one of the first social media apps business owners turn to. And for good reason!

When customers search for a business, they usually look for an Instagram account first. Instagram is constantly improving its algorithms and search features so people can use Instagram’s search function, hashtags, and Discover Page to find new brands instantly. One in two people now use Instagram to discover new businesses – if that’s not an excellent reason to have a solid Instagram presence, I don’t know what is!

If you’d love to take advantage of Instagram’s reach but feel overwhelmed by the platform, check out these five simple strategies for explosive growth.


Ah, TikTok – the place where most trends start before they make their way to other social media platforms. There are about 1 billion users on TikTok, and that number grows every single day. 

One thing that makes TikTok one of the best social media apps is the challenges! Taking part in one can majorly up your business’s exposure. That’s because challenges encourage your audience to interact with you and your product and create content that puts your brand at the trendy center. And all that user-generated content helps build brand awareness and relatability. 

We can’t talk about TikTok without wading into the Reels vs. TikTok debate a bit. But here’s the scoop: The main difference between the two platforms is that TikTok lets you record clips that are up to 3 minutes long. With Instagram Reels, you’re limited to 60 seconds or less. The bottom line on the Instagram vs. TikTok dispute? You don’t have to choose one or the other! Both platforms have tons of great features designed to help business owners be successful. 


I know, I know: Facebook is where you stay connected with long-lost friends or that distant aunt. But it’s also so much more! Facebook is Robust (with a capital r!), and when you think about everything it can do, you’ll quickly realize it’s actually an incredible social media platform for businesses.

Unlike Instagram and TikTok, Facebook lets you use text, pictures, and video – all in one post. Facebook Groups are a great way to build more meaningful, personalized connections with your ideal clients or customers. And from a paid perspective, Facebook ads are a powerful way to get in front of a very targeted audience and spread the word about promotions or key products/services. Facebook might not be as flashy or trendy as TikTok or Instagram, but its simple yet powerful capabilities make it one of the top social media marketing platforms for businesses.


Here’s what sets YouTube apart: It’s the only social media platform that lets you harness the power of long-form video content. I know what you’re thinking: Ines, you said short-form video is the trend! Yeah, I did, and that’s definitely true, but that doesn’t mean long-form video is bad for business. People watch billions (billions!) of videos on YouTube every day, proving that customers still rely on long-form videos to discover businesses. 

YouTube can power your marketing strategy because it’s a unique opportunity to highlight your business’s products, talk about your services and brand in detail, and show off a more behind-the-scenes look into your brand’s DNA. That totally makes YouTube one of the best social media platforms for business!


Raise your hand if you only think about LinkedIn when you’re looking for a job. I get it! But you really should think about LinkedIn differently if you’re a business owner. Here’s why: At its core, LinkedIn is a social media platform built around networking. It connects people from different parts of the world, different industries, and different backgrounds. Yes, LinkedIn’s vibe is much more professional than other social media apps and platforms. But don’t let that intimidate you! A LinkedIn presence will help strengthen your brand’s credibility, build your network, and grow your business, easily making it one of best social media apps for entrepreneurs looking to grow a 6-figure business. 


Last but never ever least – Pinterest! People flock to Pinterest in search of inspiration and ideas, pinning their favorites to their boards for future reference. Here’s the thing: Those pins don’t magically appear on Pinterest. Someone has to create them and post them! That’s where there’s an opportunity for business owners to leverage Pinterest. You can share valuable content in the form of pins – and every pin can link to a related site, digital content, or social media account. You know what that means! Using Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your business’s website, blog, and other social media platforms. While Instagram and TikTok try to keep users on their apps, Pinterest helps (and even encourages!) customers discover other sites off of it.

The Best Social Media Apps to Grow a 6-Figure Business

So, what are the best social media platforms for business? Should you be on Instagram and Facebook? TikTok? Is LinkedIn a fit for you? Or maybe Pinterest? The truth is the best social media platform for your business depends on your personal preferences and your goals. 

If you want to scale your business through social media, Forbes shared a great guide highlighting how millions of 6-figure businesses and creators use the social media platforms we just discussed. Definitely check it out!

One thing’s certain no matter what platform you hop on though: You have to be strategic. Always! When it comes to the top social media platforms, 2022 is reminding us that the best social media apps are the ones we use strategically and intentionally. Ready to stop stressing over things like what to share on social media and the best time to post on each social media platform? Browse my services, and let’s build a sustainable social media strategy, together!

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